Steve Turner - Owner Operator

Phone: 0401 178 784


Dry Hire our 1.7 tonne Kubota mini excavator along with all attachments listed below, no ticket required.

All equipment is neatly stored on our custom built, lightweight trailer and is easy to use.  All equipment is registered and fully insured.

Give us a call or shoot us an email to hire 'Little Red' for your DIY or professional projects.

Our complete package includes

300mm Oz Bucket

450mm Oz Bucket

1000mm Mud Bucket

Oz Ripper

Ant Rock Grab

2000 Auger Torque Auger Drive

150mm Auger Bit

300mm Auger Bit

Our standard Rates are as follows

Complete package 

$240 per day + GST

$400 weekend + GST

$850 per week + GST

Wet Hire $85/hr + GST subject to availability

Pick up is preferred, however delivery can be arranged at an extra cost